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An Open Source XML Publishing Framework for PHP 5

Popoon is an open source XML Publishing framework. It's modelled after Cocoon and is completely written in PHP 5.

Popoon is the publishing backend within Flux CMS, but it can be used independently from the CMS.

Christian Stocker gave a speech about popoon at the PHP Conference in Frankfurt 2002. You can see the slides and some examples here: (firefox needed)
Another one is here
And more presentations are here

You can get popoon via Subversion:

Popoon is an open source project (Apache Software License 2)

  1. Oct 28, 2008


    The link for Christian Stocker's talks's slides given on this page as is redirected to something else, however the slides are avaliable at

    suggest someone update this page then delete, this comment (sorry but I didn't want to signup in oder to emend the mistake)

    1. Oct 29, 2008

      thx for the hint, I corrected the links in the text