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Getting the Sources

Check out the skeleton

SVN Version

You need at least Subversion 1.5 on your client to make it work

Add the project to your own subversion

we don't want the tmp folder in svn:

Add Okapi as an external to inc/api

Edit the Externals File to add Okapi extensions to ext

Here an example of the externals-file with entries for inc/api (the api itself), ext/db-doctrine and ext/db-mdb2:

See here for some provided extensions.

Commit thoses properties to your project

Setup Apache

Configure httpd.conf:

Restart apache "sudo apachectl restart"

Add a hostentry for development:

Call http://myproject.lo

The directory layout

/conf                   Basic configuration file.
     /config.d          Additional splitted config files.
/inc                    Basic include directory.
    /api                The api itself (you want to have a branch as external here).
    /lib                Additional api modules like Auth.
/localinc               Your application.
             /commands  The commands for your application.
             /models    Additional data models.
/www                    Everything which needs to be accessible from the web (index.php et al.)
/www/static             All static content like pictures. Should be runable on a seperate domain.
       /default         Most likely you got only one theme.