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whereami extension

An extension that makes the Firefox browser location-aware. The extension supports multiple ways to determine your current position:

  • via Plazes API -
  • via attached GPS (using GPSBabel to access the device)
  • by manually providing your location (address or coordinates)

The location context in the browser can be used to make sites automatically location-aware e.g. when visiting a maps site - it automatically shows your current location to start. See list of supported sites below.

download extension

Current Version: 0.8

Changelog (since 0.7)

sites it can be used on




switch to city page, zoom map to location and show plazes friends on the map

if you're not in Switzerland - try

automatically fills geotags on upload photo

zooms map to location

fills in coordinates in "find business" or "get directions"


Google Maps Mapplet

location depending mash-up

see here for instructions

zoom map and show plazes friends

chregu's playground - eg. see where i was

your site?

see how-to in this post


blog posts & screenshot

Standardization Working Group - join to help making this a core feature of future browsers:

source, issues and planning

  1. Jul 24, 2007


    could it be made to work with facebook so the facebook status reflects a users physical location?

    1. Aug 09, 2007

      sure thing!

  2. Aug 09, 2008


    Firefox 3 does not support your extension, "because there are no secure updates available". This is surely a question of trust. I would trust you, but what about many users who will not.

    Your extension and the web standards growing around it are very interesting.