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let's gather some ideas

Admin Section:

Permissions are encryptet:

(seen on

instead of



Access Level or Permissions

Admins Only

the second would be much better. The different Levels selectable by a drop down Box.


bx::display-order is used to publish, unpublish collections...

That's somehow confusing. An extra Option "Published" with a checkbox would be nice an self-explanatory

For the display-order, an extra view with drag&drop would be damn sexy... (Arange items)

Site Options

These are shown inside the Home Collection... a direct link to "Settings" in the Top-Bar would be much nicer...

Front-end admin?

Having the ability to perform simple task from the front end (not in a special admin area but as you visit the normal site) would be nice. I think of tasks like :

  • edit page : directely in the default wysiwyg editor.
  • remove page : move to some trash collection (not destroyed directely).
  • add new page : this would create a collection AND an index.xx.xhtml file at once.

Drag & drop

On the admin, a drag & drop of file/folders on left navigation tree would be very nice indeed.